Lovevery Sensory Strands Redesign 

Role: Design Lead, Pattern Illustration, Surface Design
Redesign the sensory strands to fit with the updated play gym, balancing out the color schemes of 4 play zones and the mat, as well as drawing attention upwards, away from the already colorful zones. The Sensory Strands are an add on set to the Play Gym that needs to look great on its own and function with the 4 distinct learning zones. 
The original pattern had many elements that clashed with the Play Gym update as well as the brand. Examining the pattern revealed there were multiple colors that were off brand and needed a refresh. We created dozens of watercolor patterns to work from and narrowed it down to patterns that gave new movement and life but would not distract from the purpose, which is to engage infants that are now looking and reaching upward. 

I examined the dominance of each color used in the play gym to utilize under used swatches and bring harmony to the gradual rainbow of colors in the strands, using a mix of solids and original patterns. 
Available at Target and Lovevery
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